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Morgue | Giant | Talking

Resembling a reformatory, Rolling Hills Asylum was once a poorhouse for orphaned children, families, the destitute elderly, handicapped, mentally unstable, the corrupt and local criminals.

This building was erected in 1828 as the Genesee County Poor House in East Bethany, NY, USA.

Originally surrounded by a farm where able-bodied “inmates” worked. Farms like this were once common in the United States.

The poorhouse was government-run for those thrown away by society. It lost funding in the 1930s with the invention of Social Security.

Calm History, Ghostly Energy

Jack is the man pacing back and forth in the 2nd floor solarium.

He’s seen as dark, known for blocking out the light inside the naturally bright room.

If Jack is likes you, he opens the door as invitation to enter. Guests will yell, “Jack, please open the door” and sometimes it does.

The Morgue - -
The Rolling Hills Asylum morgue emits a special energy.

Inside the strange room an Italian man is heard talking, as if in the middle of a conversation.

A suit hanging from the ceiling is transformed from garment to pendulum. The clothes are guided by energies when the room is active.

Ask yes and no questions and like a pendulum, the suit swings to answer.

The Giant Boy - -
In the early 1900’s a boy was abandoned by his parents at Rolling Hills Asylum. His name was Roy and he suffered from gigantism.

This son of a prominent banker was considered an embarrassment to his family. Just 12 years old the family hid him away inside Rolling Hills.

It’s here the good natured boy became a man. Roy lived at Rolling Hills until 1942, then dying at 52 years old. They buried his 7 foot tall body in the nearby graveyard, one of many unmarked plots.

His tall shadow is witnessed by visitors. They’ll look up to see him looming over them.

Talking to the ghosts - -
Many have captured EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon or ghost voices) inside Rolling Hills Asylum.

Two good ones come from Psychic Medium Heather Rease [link to], included talking to a very polite spirit.

The EVP said, “Steady Eddie”. This is a nickname of one of her team members named Ed.

And a secretary came through saying her name was Miriam. They believe she worked in the building in as an administrator. Was possibly 58 years old when she died.

Miriam was happy to communicate with the group and even imparted a suggestion to the many ghost hunters who pass through the building … “Remember, we’re not an amusement park”.


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Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, NY, United States of America